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Current Openings

Sr.Sharepoint Developer
Experience: 4 to 8 years
Role: Software Developer
Job Type : Permanent
Banking domain
Locatin: Mumbai.

Experience: 5 to 7 years
Role: Functional Outside Consultant
Banking domain
Locatin: Gurgaon.

Mobile Test Consultant
Experience: 8 to 10 years
Role: Testing Engineer
Banking domain
Locatin: Ahmedabad.

HR Executive
Experience: 3 to 5 years
Role: HR Executive
Banking domain
Locatin: Bengaluru/Bangalore.

Home Services eBusiness Solutions
It is an era of eBusiness solutions. These web-based eBusiness solutions are creating new opportunities, streamlining processes and integrating operations. However, these solutions are also threatening the traditional business models. Given the changing global business scenario, Inetcentric IT Solutions believes that every business should have an eBusiness strategy which is aligned and integrated with the overall business strategy. Therefore, our expert project managers propose their own strategy; something that they have mastered with years of experience. They try to know your business inside out, and based on Inetcentric IT Solutions's in-depth technological knowledge and skills, they can advise you on the eBusiness solution which suits your needs the best.

We ensure that we give the best possible advice while developing customized eBusiness solutions. Our experience in providing eBusiness solutions spans across industries ranging from financial services, automotive and pharmaceutical to chemical. After delivery of the solution, we also provide web maintenance services so that your eBusiness can evolve over time with the rapidly changing business environment. Also, with the ongoing operational support, you can be assured of assistance at all the times.

Our eBusiness solutions include eCommerce portals, web-enabling of existing applications, migration to web applications and development of new web applications.

eCommerce Software Solutions
eCommerce solutions enable you to trade online and market your products and services to a global audience. Combined with an effective online marketing strategy, you can sell to your target market, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At Inetcentric IT Solutions, we consider it to be as good as doing business in sleep!

Other than the obvious implication of increased revenues from an eCommerce solution, there is a positive impact on your human resources as well. Globally, an ever increasing number of people are purchasing online. One of the first instincts of a prospective buyer is to research about the product and check for its availability online. If the product can be bought online, customers do so. So, as your business grows, an eCommerce software solution can drastically reduce the pressure on telesales department and also reduce the overheads.

Web-Enabling Existing Applications
Existing legacy applications are often perceived as bottlenecks for companies keen on adapting Internet technologies. Porting these applications to the web often becomes a costly proposition, but at Inetcentric IT Solutions, we can offer a very cost- effect solution, enabling use of the data stored in these applications, in an Internet environment. Depending on your requirements, we offer three levels of web-enabling, all of which are fully customizable and offer easier and faster access from multiple locations.

  • Presentation Level Web-Enabling: In this, the look and feel of the application remains unchanged, but it is accessible through the Internet.
  • Functional Level Web-Enabling: : Here, the existing application's logic is used, but the information is presented in a new web-accessible interface.
  • Data Level Web-Enabling: Under this, the programming logic and the interface of the existing application are adapted, with the data files remaining intact

Migration to Web Applications
When large complex applications, that form the core of a business, are to be streamlined, the entire application needs to be converted into a web-based environment. Inetcentric IT Solutions simplifies this process by providing efficient and cost-effective application migration and management services and guarantees minimal disruption to current business processes and core functions. A dedicated team, headed by a project manager with extensive experience in migrating legacy applications onto web-based platforms, is assigned to the migration process.

New Web Application Development
Whatever be your requirement, Inetcentric IT Solutions has the solution. We pride ourselves in giving attention to detail at every stage of the customized application development process; from understanding the specifications and delivering the new web application to ongoing support functions. Our expertise in Internet technologies and the importance we give to nurturing long term partnerships with our clients translates into the development of a software solution that suits your needs and augments your business.

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